Military Personnel – surnames starting with D

Men from Whitchurch and the surrounding area who served in the Great War whose surnames begin with the letter D. Some died in action; the majority returned to resume civilian life. We have sought to record their lives in one place. If you have any further information about any of these men, please get in touch at the email address shown below.

Whitchurch Museum and Archives

You can search for a name in the table and view the details by clicking on ‘Further information’.

SurnameGiven NamesSurvived or diedFurther Information
DaleAlbertDiedView Details
DaleFrankDiedView Details
DaleWalterDiedView Details
DalyHarold PatrickSurvivedView Details
DalyJoseph EdwardDiedView Details
DarlingtonAbrahamDiedView Details
DarlingtonRichard MortonSurvivedView Details
DarlingtonWilliam CharlesDiedView Details
DavenportFrederick HenrySurvivedNo further information available
DavenportHorace BirchDiedView Details
DavenportReginald ErnestSurvivedView Details
DaviesAlbertDiedView Details
DaviesAlfredDiedView Details
DaviesArthurDiedView Details
DaviesArthurDiedView Details
DaviesCharles WilliamDiedView Details
DaviesDavidDiedView Details
DaviesEdward GeorgeDiedView Details
DaviesFredSurvivedView Details
DaviesFrederick JohnSurvivedView Details
DaviesGeorge AlecSurvivedView Details
DaviesHarold EdwinSurvivedView Details
DaviesHarryDiedView Details
DaviesHerbertSurvivedView Details
DaviesHerbert JohnSurvivedView Details
DaviesJackSurvivedNo further information available
DaviesJohn SurvivedView Details
DaviesJohnDiedView Details
DaviesJohn CaulcottSurvivedView Details
DaviesJohn WilliamSurvived
DaviesJosephSurvivedView Details
DaviesJosephDiedView Details
DaviesLeonard WilliamDiedView Details
DaviesWilliam AlbertDiedView Details
DaviesWilliam EdwardSurvivedView Details
DaviesWilliam RolandSurvivedView Details
DawsonHerbert ArthurDiedView Details
DawsonJohnSurvivedView Details
DawsonJohn AlexanderSurvivedView Details
DawsonJoseph WilliamSurvivedView Details
DayEnochSurvivedView Details
DayJoseph SurvivedView Details
DayPercySurvivedView Details
DayThomasDiedView Details
DayWilliamSurvivedView Details
DayWilliamSurvivedView Details
DeakinClarence Henry HigginsSurvivedView Details
DeanNorman WilliamDiedView Details
DeanRobert WilliamDiedView Details
DeanThomasDiedView Details
DebanksWilliamDiedView Details
DenmanFrederick GeorgeSurvivedView Details
DickinMerrySurvivedView Details
DiggoryAlfredDiedView Details
DochertyJohn MarshallSurvivedView Details
DoddAlfred GeorgeSurvivedView Details
DoddClementSurvivedView Details
DoddEdwinSurvivedView Details
DoddFrederickDiedView Details
DoddFrederickSurvivedView Details
DoddHarrySurvivedView Details
DoddHerbertSurvivedView Details
DoddJamesSurvivedNo further information available
DoddJohn WillieDiedView Details
DodsforthWilliam JohnSurvivedView Details
DoneRalphSurvivedView Details
DoneThomas HenrySurvivedView Details
DowdallStephenDiedView Details
DownesJohnDiedView Details
DowningHarrySurvivedView Details
DownwardHenry WillaseySurvivedView Details
DownwardJamesSurvivedView Details
DownwardJames ErnestSurvivedView Details
DrewJackDiedView Details
DruryErnestSurvivedView Details
DuckersAlbertSurvivedView Details
DuckersErnest JabezSurvivedView Details
DuckersJosephDiedView Details
DugdaleRev Richard WilliamDiedView Details
DulsonCSurvivedNo further information available
DulsonFredSurvivedView Details
DulsonGeorgeSurvivedView Details
DulsonWilliamSurvivedView Details
DunnAlfredSurvivedView Details
DurantGeorge HugoDiedView Details
DuttonFrederickDiedView Details
DuttonJosephDiedView Details
DuttonThomasDiedView Details
DyerReginald LewisSurvivedView Details
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