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The list below contains all men we have identified who died in the Great War and have a connection to Whitchurch and the surrounding villages, but who are not commemorated on any local memorials.

This is an ongoing project, information will be added to the website over the coming weeks and months. It is hoped that the people of Whitchurch, Shropshire and beyond will get involved and provide additional information and images for these men.

Whitchurch Museum and Archives

The list can be browsed or sorted by given name, surname, or date of death. Scroll down the page to view those commemorated who gave their lives during The Great War.

Given namesSurnameDiedWhitchurch connection
Walter HenryMoulson16/09/1914Born in Worthenbury
Albert GeorgeHayes23/11/1914Born in Wrenbury
Thomas EdwardBebbington18/04/1915Born in Wrenbury
Robert WilliamPearson15/05/1915Born in Whitchurch
John ThomasThompson16/05/1915Born in Whixall
Robert BrockStewart18/05/1915Buried in Malpas cemetery
EnochWilliams18/05/1915Born in Bettisfield
JohnReeves25/09/1915Born in Bettisfield
SamuelHall25/09/1915Born in Whixall
EdwardGriffiths27/09/1915Born in Bettisfield
John VadeWatt30/10/1915Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
JohnMatheson08/12/1915Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
DavidRoberts19/12/1915Born in Tilstock
John Jones01/03/1916Buried in Tilstock churchyard
StephenDowdall17/03/1916Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
WilliamAlty24/03/1916Buried in Tilstock churchyard
Frank Woodward27/03/1916Buried in Tilstock churchyard
Charles WilliamDavies20/04/1916Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
GodfreyReynolds24/04/1916Buried in Tilstock churchyard
RichardCraven26/04/1916Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
WilliamEden05/05/1916Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
JohnDavies15/05/1916Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
James IsaacLanghorn27/05/1916Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
Joseph HenryMansell02/07/1916Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
John Williams04/07/1916Enlisted at Prees Heath
Ernest WilliamJones06/07/1916Lived in Bettisfield
CharlesPerks04/08/1916Born in Marbury
Justin Collins08/08/1916Buried in Bronington churchyard
Charles JohnRichardson28/08/1916Born in Malpas
RichardEdwards21/10/1916Born in Hanmer
JohnLunt29/10/1916Born in Wrenbury
William Bradley03/11/1916Born in Wrenbury
WalterSmith14/11/1916Born in Whitchurch
JamesAstley23/11/1916Born in Wrenbury
Godfrey EgertonGroome07/12/1916Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
Edward Hounsom19/12/1916Buried in Tilstock churchyard
EdwardEvans17/01/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
John FrancisBull01/02/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
JamesShovelton01/02/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
CharlesEvans08/02/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
WilliamWhithead06/03/1917Enlisted in Bettisfield
Frederick WilliamChandler13/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
Leonard CharlesTyler15/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
Samuel HerbertBuckley19/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
Henry NormanTaylor19/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
Walter ABethel20/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
John RScriven22/03/1917Buried in Prees churchyard
Thomas StanleyLewis25/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
Thomas VictorWilliams25/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
WilliamEdmondson26/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
Ernest Percival WilliamVale27/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
Robert FrederickKinvig30/03/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
GeorgeGriffiths03/04/1917Lived in Malpas
JohnO'Leary04/05/1917Enlisted in Whitchurch
Harold BaileyCalvert19/05/1917Enlisted at Bettisfield Park Camp
ThomasNutter19/05/1917Enlisted in Bettisfield
FrancisAmies22/05/1917Enlisted at Bettisfield Park Camp
FrancisWarrender12/06/1917Lived in Bronington
JohnHenton27/06/1917Buried in Hanmer churchyard
ColinPreston03/07/1917Born in Wrenbury
FrederickShore16/07/1917Born in Hanmer
Edward PhillipHughes27/07/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
JohnAnderson31/07/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard
WilliamWilkinson14/08/1917Enlisted in Bettisfield
GeoffreyBaker01/09/1917Born in Malpas
VictorEdwards05/09/1917Born in Whixall; enlisted in Bettisfield
Edward Jabez CooperTreadwell20/09/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
ThomasDean23/09/1917Enlisted at Bettisfield Park Camp
JosephDavies26/09/1917Enlisted in Whitchurch
Arthur ThomasOwen30/09/1917Enlisted in Bettisfield
Walter HarrelHerford04/10/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Ernest Edwards22/10/1917Born in Bronington
AlfredRidgway26/10/1917Born in Malpas
Francis JosephPim27/10/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Ernest JamesKeay06/11/1917Born in Whixall
John FrancisKneale21/12/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Guy WinwoodGossage24/12/1917Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
John EdwardSharples29/12/1917Enlisted in Bettisfield
GeorgePowell30/12/1917Born in and lived in Whitchurch
William PriceSanders29/01/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Edwin JohnHolman01/02/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Joseph EdwardDaly07/02/1918Enlisted at Bettisfield Park Camp
Frederick ThomasSmith07/02/1918Born in Whitchurch
AlbertMorgan10/02/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Reginald JamesForsyth16/02/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Francis HerbertJones19/02/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Robert WilliamDean21/02/1918Buried in Hanmer churchyard
James HenryMoss23/02/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Charles GrayHeath21/03/1918Lived and buried in Whitchurch
WilliamWilson04/04/1918Born in Malpas
SidneyMullock04/04/1918Born in Wrenbury
Horace LewisBond11/04/1918Born in Malpas
PeterBeard26/04/1918Enlisted at Bettisfield park Camp
ThomasPhillips02/05/1918Buried in Hanmer churchyard
Charles RichardClack05/05/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
MartinKeenan13/05/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
ErnestJones18/06/1918Born in Malpas
William AlfredLunt21/06/1918Born in Wrenbury
EdgarBerry03/07/1918Enlisted at Bettisfield Park Camp
John Robert Kendall09/07/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
ThomasEdwards17/07/1918Lived in Whitchurch
John EdwardKelly20/08/1918Born in Threapwood
ErnestHolland30/08/1918Born in Malpas
JohnRichards06/09/1918Born in Malpas
ErnestFisher09/09/1918Born in Marbury
Norman WilliamDean20/09/1918Enlisted in Bettisfield
Jesse GeorgeTurner22/09/1918Lived in Whixall; enlisted in Wem
Leonard CharlesLewis23/09/1918Enlisted in Bettisfield; commemorated at Edstaston
LeonardFrance27/09/1918Born in Whixall
ArthurJones02/10/1918Enlisted in Bettisfield
Frances HerbertFoxley06/10/1918Born in Wrenbury
ArthurHough10/10/1918Lived in Malpas
James HenryWood12/10/1918Lived in Whitchurch
William BurtBickell12/10/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
SamuelOwens12/10/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Arthur LewisChristian14/10/1918Born in Whitchurch
Wilfred SimonHopley19/10/1918Buried in Malpas cemetery
CharlesVickers31/10/1918Lived in Malpas
George LancasterRobinson01/11/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Herbert HenryJones02/11/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
ArthurDavies04/11/1918Born in Whitchurch
JackDrew08/11/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Henry NormanHarrison09/11/1918Enlisted in Bettisfield
Gabriel PieterCilliers10/11/1918Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
CharlesGreenhalgh06/01/1919Buried in Whitchurch cemetery
George WilliamAimson26/02/1919Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
WilliamHeath21/03/1919Enlisted in Tilstock
EdwardGaffney29/12/1919Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
AlfredDiggory31/05/1920Buried in Threapwood churchyard
George AlbertLoughmon19/06/1920Buried in Tilstock churchyard extension
Horace NormanYoung13/07/1921Buried in Prees churchyard
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Not commemorated on a memorial — 2 Comments

  1. I am interested in finding out more about Charles Evans mentioned in the above list. Are you able to supply any further information about him please? My husband is about to go to France to visit the grave of his grandfather Harry Evans, and we are trying to find out if this Charles Evans was a relation so his grave can be visited as well?
    Many thanks

    • The Charles Evans buried at Tilstock is from Essex. Tilstock is the nearest village to Prees Heath camp, so presumably this was where he died. He will therefore not have a war grave in France. Hope this is of help. Regards Judith (volunteer curator)

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