Military Personnel – surnames starting with S

Men from Whitchurch and the surrounding area who served in the Great War whose surnames begin with the letter S. Some died in action; the majority returned to resume civilian life. We have sought to record their lives in one place. If you have any further information about any of these men, please get in touch at the email address shown below.

Whitchurch Museum and Archives

You can search for a name in the table and view the details by clicking on ‘Further information’.

SurnameGiven NamesSurvived or diedFurther Information
SadlerHerbert SamuelDiedView Details
SadlerThomasSurvivedView Details
SandbachHugh HandleyDiedView Details
SandersWilliam PriceDiedView Details
SandfordJohnDiedDid not serve in WW1; died in 1897
SandlandPercySurvivedDid not serve in WW1; discharged 4 March 1910
SandsAllenDiedView Details
SargeantGeorge MatthewSurvivedView Details
ScottWilliamDiedView Details
ScrivenJohn RDiedView Details
SevernErnestDiedView Details
ShackletonJohn WilliamSurvivedView Details
SharplesJohn EdwardDiedView Details
SharpsRichardDiedView Details
ShawCharles HerbertDiedView Details
ShentonThomasSurvivedView Details
SherbrookWilliam HenrySurvivedView Details
SherbrookeArthurSurvivedView Details
ShoneLeighton EdwardSurvivedView Details
ShonePhillipDiedView Details
ShoneWilliam WaltersSurvivedView Details
ShoreFrederickDiedView Details
ShoveltonJamesDiedView Details
SimisterRichard JamesSurvivedView Details
SimmondsArthur ThomasDiedView Details
SimmondsWilliamSurvivedView Details
SimmonsJames HenrySurvivedView Details
SimonGeorge PercySurvivedView Details
SimonJames HenryDiedView Details
SimpsonArthur WilliamSurvivedView Details
SimpsonRichardDiedView Details
SkerrattWilliamSurvivedView Details
SlackRichardSurvivedDid not serve in WW1; discharged prior to the war starting
SlaterFrederick HenrySurvivedView Details
SlawsonRobertSurvivedView Details
SlawsonWilliamSurvivedView Details
SlawsonWright GravesDiedView Details
SmithEdwardDiedView Details
SmithFrankSurvivedView Details
SmithFrederick ThomasSurvivedDid not serve in WW1
SmithFrederick ThomasDiedView Details
SmithJames GlendenningDiedView Details
SmithJoseph HenrySurvivedView Details
SmithJoseph HenryDiedView Details
SmithReginald JosephSurvivedView Details
SmithWalterDiedView Details
SmithWilliamSurvivedDid not serve in WW1; deserted in 1885
SomersetClaudSurvivedView Details
SparkesArthurSurvivedView Details
SparkesHarryDiedView Details
SpeakesGeorgeDiedView Details
SpeakmanEdwinDiedView Details
SpeakmanJohnSurvivedView Details
SpeedErnestDiedView Details
SpeedGeorgeSurvivedView Details
SpeedJohnSurvivedView Details
SpeedJohn ThomasSurvivedView Details
SpeedWalter JohnSurvivedView Details
SpencerHerbertDiedView Details
SpencerThomas HarrySurvivedView Details
StanleyCharles HenrySurvivedView Details
StanworthMosesSurvivedView Details
StarkeyFrancisSurvivedView Details
SteeleArthur BeechDiedView Details
SteeleWilliam HenrySurvivedView Details
StevensGeoffreyDiedView Details
StevensonArthurSurvivedNo further information available
StevensonEdwardDiedView Details
StevensonJohnDiedView Details
StevensonJosephDiedView Details
StevensonWilfredDiedView Details
StewartRobert BrockDiedView Details
SticklandThomas HenrySurvivedView Details
StockleyRichardDiedView Details
StocktonAlbertSurvivedView Details
StocktonJohn WilfredSurvivedView Details
StocktonWilliamDiedView Details
StocktonWilliam EdgarSurvivedView Details
StocktonWilliam HenrySurvivedView Details
StreetAlfred ReubenSurvivedView Details
StubbsJamesSurvivedView Details
StubbsSamuelSurvivedView Details
StubbsWilliam HenrySurvivedView Details
SudlowRichardSurvivedView Details
SukerArthur JohnSurvivedView Details
SukerCharles LloydSurvivedView Details
SukerGordon EdwinSurvivedView Details
SukerHerbertSurvivedView Details
SummersAlfred Spencer MasonDiedView Details
SummersCharles JohnDiedView Details
SumnerArthurSurvivedView Details
SumnerJohnDiedView Details
SumnerRichardSurvivedView Details
SumnerSamuelSurvivedNo further information available
SumnerWalterDiedView Details
SumnerWilliamSurvivedView Details
SutcliffeCharles MajorSurvivedView Details
SuttonJoseph HenrySurvivedView Details
SuttonStephenDiedView Details
SuttonWalter DilworthDiedView Details
SwanwickJosephDiedView Details
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