Military Personnel – surnames starting with T

Men from Whitchurch and the surrounding area who served in the Great War whose surnames begin with the letter T. Some died in action; the majority returned to resume civilian life. We have sought to record their lives in one place. If you have any further information about any of these men, please get in touch at the email address shown below.

Whitchurch Museum and Archives

You can search for a name in the table and view the details by clicking on ‘Further information’.

SurnameGiven NamesSurvived or diedFurther Information
TalbottRobert ThomasSurvivedView Details
TapleyWilliamDiedView Details
TaylorArchibald John CyrilSurvivedView Details
TaylorArthur EdwinSurvivedView Details
TaylorErnestSurvivedView Details
TaylorFrancis HemmingsleySurvivedView Details
TaylorGeorge CaldecottDiedView Details
TaylorGeorge HaroldSurvivedView Details
TaylorHenry NormanDiedView Details
TaylorJohn RichardDiedView Details
TaylorJohn WilliamDiedView Details
TaylorThomasSurvivedDid not serve in WW1.
TewFrankSurvivedView Details
TewLeonardDiedView Details
ThelwellFrederickSurvivedView Details
ThelwellJamesSurvivedView Details
ThomasAlbert EdwardDiedView Details
ThomasArthur LeonardSurvivedView Details
ThomasCharlieSurvivedView Details
ThomasClementDiedView Details
ThomasCliffordSurvivedDid not serve in WW1.
ThomasEdgar RichardSurvivedView Details
ThomasFrederickDiedView Details
ThomasHarryDiedView Details
ThomasJamesSurvivedView Details
ThomasJohn WilliamSurvivedView Details
ThomasPhilip HenrySurvivedView Details
ThomasRichardSurvivedView Details
ThomasThomas WilliamSurvivedView Details
ThomasWalterDiedView Details
ThomasGeorgeSurvivedView Details
ThompsonJohn ThomasDiedView Details
ThompsonWilliamSurvivedView Details
ThorntonHarrySurvivedDid not serve in WW1.
ThorntonWilliam Jnr.SurvivedView Details
TimmisJohn ThomasDiedView Details
TinsleyJohn WilliamDiedView Details
TomkinsonEvanSurvivedNo further information available.
TomlinsonWilliam JosephDiedView Details
TraversThomasSurvivedDid not serve in WW1.
TraversThomasDiedView Details
TreadwellEdward Jabez CooperDiedView Details
TrelfaNathanDiedView Details
TrickettReginald ArthurDiedView Details
TudorErnestSurvivedView Details
TurnerJesse GeorgeDiedView Details
TwissThomas WilliamDiedView Details
TylerLeonard CharlesDiedView Details
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