Frederick Thelwell

Personal Details

Born: 8 July 1877 in Whitchurch, Shropshire and baptised 30 November the same year at St. Alkmund`s Parish Church, Whitchurch.

Family: He was one of nine children born to Thomas Thelwell, a labourer, and his wife Eliza. He married Harriet Crump in 1909 in Whitchurch. The couple had eight children; Eliza, James, John, Harold, Thomas C, Frank, Marjorie and Freda.

Residence: At the time of his baptism in 1877 and until at least 1881, his family were living in Bargates, Whitchurch. Some ten years later the family `s address was 1 Oxford Carriers Road, Whitchurch, where they were still living in 1901. By 1911 and now married, Frederick`s address was 15 Pepper Street, Whitchurch. The 1919 Absent Voters` List for Whitchurch gave an address of 8 St. John`s Street, Whitchurch for him; this continued to be his home until his death in 1970.

Employment: In 1901 he was a groom, but ten years later he was a farm labourer. The 1939 Register gave his occupation as a general labourer.

Died: 1970 in North Shropshire and buried in Whitchurch Cemetery on 21 March, aged 92.

Military Details

Other Information: Frederick`s brother, James, served in the Royal Engineers during WW1.

Further military details not known.

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