Military Personnel – surnames starting with G

Men from Whitchurch and the surrounding area who served in the Great War whose surnames begin with the letter G. Some died in action; the majority returned to resume civilian life. We have sought to record their lives in one place. If you have any further information about any of these men, please get in touch at the email address shown below.

Whitchurch Museum and Archives

You can search for a name in the table and view the details by clicking on ‘Further information’.

SurnameGiven NamesSurvived or diedFurther Information
GaffneyEdwardDiedView Details
GardnerJohnSurvivedView Details
GarrattAlfredDiedView Details
GaughanGeorgeSurvivedView Details
GaughanJamesDiedView Details
GaughanJohnSurvivedView Details
GaughanPatrickDiedView Details
GaughanThomasDiedView Details
GaughanWilliamSurvivedView Details
GaughanWilliamSurvivedView Details
GaveinPatrickDiedView Details
GibbonsJohnSurvivedView Details
GibbonsStephenDiedView Details
GibsonReginald HarrySurvivedView Details
GillThomas ErnestSurvivedView Details
GillespieArchibaldSurvivedView Details
GlasseyRichardSurvivedView Details
GlasseyThomasSurvivedView Details
GlasseyThomas JohnDiedView Details
GloverGeorgeDiedView Details
GloverJackDiedView Details
GloverKenneth HoughtonDiedView Details
GloverWilliamSurvivedView Details
GodsalAlfred EdmundDiedView Details
GodsalWalter HughDiedView Details
GoodacreArthur LeslieDiedView Details
GorhamJohn DouglasSurvivedView Details
GosnayErnestSurvivedView Details
GosnellGeorgeSurvivedView Details
GosnellJohnSurvivedView Details
GosnellWilliamDiedView Details
GossageGuy WinwoodDiedView Details
GoughWilliamDiedView Details
GraceRobert ThomasSurvivedView Details
GraceThomasSurvivedNo further information available.
GrahamJohn AlbertDiedView Details
GrattidgeCharles HenryDiedView Details
GraydonJosephDiedView Details
GraydonWilliamDiedView Details
GreenCharlesSurvivedNo further information available.
GreenFrankDiedView Details
GreenGeorgeDiedView Details
GreenHenry AllmanSurvivedView Details
GreenJohn ThomasSurvivedView Details
GreenhalghCharlesDiedView Details
GregoryErnestDiedView Details
GregoryFrederick CharlesDiedView Details
GregoryGeorgeSurvivedView Details
GregoryHaroldDiedView Details
GriceWilliamSurvivedView Details
GriffithsBenjamin Francis SurvivedView Details
GriffithsBernardSurvivedView Details
GriffithsDavid JohnDiedView Details
GriffithsEdwardDiedView Details
GriffithsEdward JohnDiedView Details
GriffithsFredDiedView Details
GriffithsGeorgeDiedView Details
GriffithsGeorge AlbertDiedView Details
GriffithsJacobDiedView Details
GriffithsJamesDiedView Details
GriffithsJohn WilliamSurvivedView Details
GriffithsJosephSurvivedView Details
GriffithsSamuelSurvivedView Details
GriffithsWilliam DavidSurvivedView Details
GriffithsWilliam GeorgeSurvivedView Details
GrindleyColin JohnDiedView Details
GrindleyGeorgeSurvivedView Details
GroomGeorge HaroldDiedView Details
GroomGeorge HenrySurvivedView Details
GroomJosephDiedView Details
GroomSamuelSurvivedView Details
GroomWilliam FrederickSurvivedView Details
GroomeGodfrey EgertonDiedView Details
GroomeHorace JamesSurvivedView Details
GroomeWilliamSurvivedView Details
GrosvenorLord Hugh WilliamDiedView Details
GrovesLeighSurvivedView Details
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