Military Personnel – surnames starting with J

Men from Whitchurch and the surrounding area who served in the Great War whose surnames begin with the letter J. Some died in action; the majority returned to resume civilian life. We have sought to record their lives in one place. If you have any further information about any of these men, please get in touch at the email address shown below.

Whitchurch Museum and Archives

You can search for a name in the table and view the details by clicking on ‘Further information’.

SurnameGiven NamesSurvived or diedFurther Information
JacksonCharlesSurvivedView Details
JacksonCharlesDiedView Details
JacksonCharles GrevilleSurvivedView Details
JacksonEdwinSurvivedView Details
JacksonGeorgeSurvivedView Details
JacksonJohnDiedView Details
JacksonThomasSurvivedView Details
JacksonWilliam OswaldSurvivedView Details
JamesClement HenrySurvivedView Details
JarmanWilfredSurvivedView Details
JarvisAlfredSurvivedView Details
JenksEdwin CharlesSurvivedView Details
JenksThomas William PercySurvivedView Details
JohnJames HaroldDiedView Details
JohnWilliam MorrisSurvivedView Details
JohnsonFrederick MoffattSurvivedView Details
JohnsonJohnDiedView Details
JohnsonMatthewDiedView Details
JohnsonWalter WinfredSurvivedView Details
JonesAlfredSurvivedView Details
JonesAmosSurvivedView Details
JonesArthurSurvivedView Details
JonesArthurDiedView Details
JonesCharlesDiedView Details
JonesCharlesSurvivedView Details
JonesCharles HaddonSurvivedView Details
JonesCharles WilliamSurvivedView Details
JonesEdwardSurvivedView Details
JonesEdward BarrowSurvivedView Details
JonesEdwinSurvivedView Details
JonesErnestDiedView Details
JonesErnest WilliamDiedView Details
JonesFrancis HerbertDiedView Details
JonesFrankSurvivedView Details
JonesFrederick StanleySurvivedView Details
JonesGeorgeSurvivedView Details
JonesGeorge FrederickDiedView Details
JonesGeorge RichardSurvivedView Details
JonesGeorge RobertSurvivedView Details
JonesHaroldDiedView Details
JonesHarryDiedView Details
JonesHenryDiedView Details
JonesHerbert HenryDiedView Details
JonesJohnDiedView Details
JonesJohn Ernest GeorgeSurvivedView Details
JonesJohn HenryDiedView Details
JonesJohn OwenDiedView Details
JonesJohn ThomasDiedView Details
JonesJohn WilliamSurvivedView Details
JonesJohn WilliamSurvivedView Details
JonesJoseph HenrySurvivedView Details
JonesJoseph DiedView Details
JonesJoseph GeorgeSurvivedDid not serve in WW1; discharged prior to the start of the war
JonesLemuel Godfrey FfoulkesSurvivedView Details
JonesOliverDiedView Details
JonesPDiedCommemorated on the Tallarn Green memorial; no further information available
JonesReginald EdwinSurvivedView Details
JonesRobert CSurvivedView Details
JonesRobertSurvived201296 KSLI; no further information available
JonesSydney LloydSurvivedView Details
JonesThomas BagleyDiedView Details
JonesThomas Harold FfoulkesSurvivedView Details
JonesThomas IvanDiedView Details
JonesVictorDiedView Details
JonesWDiedCommemorated on the Tallarn Green memorial; no further information available
JonesWalterSurvivedView Details
JonesWilliamSurvivedView Details
JonesWilliam CharlesSurvivedView Details
JonesWilliam EdwardSurvivedView Details
JonesWilliam PriceSurvivedView Details
JoplingPercy WilliamSurvivedView Details
JoyceArthur BernardDiedView Details
JoyceHorace WilliamSurvivedView Details
JoyceStanley BeckettSurvivedView Details
JoyceThomasSurvivedView Details
JoyceWalter DennisSurvivedView Details
JudsonThomasDiedView Details
JukesCharles DennisSurvivedView Details
JukesGeorge EdwardSurvivedView Details
JukesWilliam HenrySurvivedView Details
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