Cheshire Observer 20 March 1915

Report in the Cheshire Observer 20th March 1915 regarding the death of Herbert Wickstead Ethelston

Yesterday (Friday) we were informed that the widow of Lieut. Herbert Ethelston of Wickstead Hall, had received a letter from a brother officer of the late lieutenant's in the Grenadier Guards, stating: "Herbert was killed on Saturday, after having led his men all the three days, splendidly. He was shot through the head, and died at once. I was not with him, but a Sergt. Clayton, who was, tells me that, with his usual bravery, he was looking over the parapet of the trench, where we were waiting, in order to choose the moment for attack. It had to be done, and he lost his life in consequence. As you know, he and I have been in the same company all the time. He always wanted to do all the dangerous jobs to save other people, and he was always cheerful and splendid to work with."

Lieut. Ethelston was a younger son of the late Mr. Edmund Peel of Brynypys and a descendant of Sir Robert Peel. He built Wickstead Hall, Whitchurch, eight years ago. "

Cheshire Observer 20th March 1915


Cheshire Observer 20 March 1915 — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for all the work that has gone into this website.
    Herbert Ethelston’s widow Muriel was my grandmother. Her portrait (painted in 1907) hangs on the wall in my dining room. In 1919 she married a second time, to my grandfather Stuart Eddington Gay (who also served in WWI) but she died in chidbirth, on 2 April 1920, after 2 days of labour (at the age of 38) and giving birth to twins, my aunt Muriel, and my father David Gay (who served in WWII).

    • Hi Richard – great to hear that the website has been of interest, I’ll pass on your thanks to the hardworking volunteers. Judith

  2. Hi Richard, Herbert and your grandmother built my family home (Wicksted Hall). I would be fascinated to see her portrait, if you ever pick up this message.

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