Whitchurch Herald 25th August 1917

Report in the Whitchurch Herald 25th August 1917 of a letter received by Mr and Mrs Richards regarding their son, William Lee Brooks Richards

"Dear Mrs Richards, I am very grieved to have to send you news of your son’s death. William Lee Brookes, 115th Machine Gun Company. It occurred early in the morning of August 25th, he was in a captured German dugout with the enemy shelling, and a shell hit the dugout and blew it in. He was killed instantly, probably without any pain. I was with him at the time; he had just done a spell of duty manfully under most trying circumstances and was on his way to get a days’ rest. He had proved his value as a soldier, and as a comrade even in the short time he had been with us. Today a parcel arrived for him, I have passed on the contents to his friends, and I am returning one or two trifles we were able to find on him.
Louis F Brown 2nd Lt. MGC
(Killed in Action 14th May 1918) "

Whitchurch Herald 25th August 1917

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