Whitchurch Herald 25 March 1916

Report in the Whitchurch Herald recording the rehabilitation of Arthur Toplady Powell following the amputation of his right arm and his training to write left handed

“ Lance Sargeant Arthur T Powell, son of Mrs Powell Talbot Street, who it will be remembered lost his right arm below the elbow as a result of a wound received in France recently went up to Roehampton House Convalescent Hospital. This building was formerly the residence of Mr Kenneth Wilson but is now used as a hospital for soldiers with lost limbs. Sergeant Powell was there for a few days when he was discharged for 3 months pending the making of his artificial arm. He is now staying in London and taking lessons in left hand writing, typing and shorthand at Clarke’s College. His tutor also goes to Roehampton House to give classes there and on Friday last week when the King and Queen were visiting the hospital he took with him specimens of Sergt Powell’s handwriting and shorthand to show their majesties. The King was very much surprised by them both and said he could hardly credit it.”

Whitchurch Herald 25 March 1916

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