Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News April 1916

Report in the Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News April 1916. A letter from the Chaplain to Mrs Speakes on the death of her husband, George Speakes.

“Dear Mrs Speaks, It is with great sympathy that I write to you about your husband, Private George Speaks, who was unfortunately killed during the shelling on the Brigade Headquarters. The Brigade had just moved into their new quarters when the Germans opened fire, and your husband and five others were killed. I know what a sad blow it must be to you , and I want to offer you my very real sympathy in your great sorrow, It may be some comfort to you to know that he can not have felt any pain, he was killed instantly. We buried him in a little churchyard by the side of his comrades, who gave their lives for their country on that unhappy morning. Many of his friends and officers were there, and we laid him to rest as nicely as we could, a white wooden cross marks his grave. All ranks, Brigadier, Staff, and men of the Brigade wish to join with me in expressing our very sincere and lasting sympathy with you in the sacrifice which you have made.”

Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News April 1916

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