Raynor Taylor – Life at Prees Heath Army Camp

A recording of Raynor Taylor describing life at Prees Heath Army Camp in 1916, although not a local resident it provides insight into training at the camp.

Topics include

  • Size of camp
  • One legged soldier
  • Hut accommodation and beds
  • Stealing coal for stove
  • Role of hut orderlies
  • Kit inspections
  • Question of stealing
  • Relationship with ORs including question of bullying
  • Story of recruit from wealthy background whose parents intervened to secure his transfer as officer to Royal Flying Corps and his subsequent death
  • Food rations
  • Drill
  • Route marches

Audio by permission of the Imperial War Museum

Raynor Taylor was born in 1899 in Oldham, where he worked as a piercer at Durban Cotton Mill until he enlisted in 1916. He served with the Glamorgan Yeomanry in Britain in 1916-1917; the Welsh Regiment on the Western Front in 1917-1918; served with provisional companies in 1918-1919, as an officer's servant with North Russian Expeditionary Force in 1919.


Raynor Taylor – Life at Prees Heath Army Camp — 5 Comments

  1. excellent insight of a young trainee soldier readying for the front. Over 60 years on and i can still relate to a lot of what Raynor is discribing even joining the royal navy,
    kind regards Tony Matthews of Market Drayton

  2. Does anyone have any further info. about soldier Raynor Taylor? Have listened to Imperial War Museum sound recording. But wondered if there if further info out there?

  3. My Gt Grandfather, W R Graham started off as a Quartermaster at Prees Heath rising to Captain. He signed up and left his position as Headmaster at Rainford Primary School returning to his profession after hostilities ended.

  4. My Gt Grandfather, William Robert Graham was a Quartermaster and then promoted to Captain at Prees Heath. He went from being a Headmaster at Rainford Primary School to serve his country and after hostilities ended he returned to teaching.

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