Patrick Gavien

Patrick Gavien

Personal Details

We have found limited information for this man. We believe he was Patrick Gavien (Gavin on the Malpas Memorial) and have been able to find some military medal records. We have also found a military record of his hospitalisation in 1918 with bronchitis, but under the name of Gavin (his service number provides the match). We have located a newspaper article in 1914 identifying him as a reservist in the Irish Guards from Malpas, but cannot find him on census records.

There is no CWGC record for him, suggesting that his death was not recognised as a result of the Great War, and we have been unable to locate where he is buried.

Military Details

Regiment : 1st Battalion Irish Guards
Rank : Corporal
Service Number : 1973

We have been unable to determine when or how he died.

Medals and Awards

Further Information

If you can provide any further information on Patrick Gavien please get in touch by leaving a comment below, using our Contact Form or by calling in to Whitchurch Heritage Centre.

Information provided by Whitchurch Museum and Archives

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