War Diaries 20 December 1916

Wilfred was killed during a raid on enemy trenches in positions near Ploegsteert Wood near Ypres. The objective was to capture or kill the crews of three Minnenwerfers (trench mortars). The battalion war diary states:

20th Wed.

Holding Line. A small Wirecutting operation was carried over during the afternoon, bombardment by all kinds of Heavy and Light Artillery, T.Ms etc. lasted from 3.10 pm to 3.40 pm. The objectives were:-

(1) To cut a gap in Enemy wire about U21.b.7.5 (junction of support & front line northern face of Birdcage.)
(2) To catch & kill any enemy about in his trenches with short surprise bombardments of selected points.
(3) To catch and destroy the personnel of the three located Heavy Minnenwerfers when they retaliated with short bursts of Artillery fire. A party was sent out at dusk to prevent the enemy from mending wire & to catch any if possible. Casualties, 2 killed 3 wounded.

Extract from 13th Battalion Cheshire Regiment War Diaries 20th December 1916

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