Cheshire Observer 3 October 1914

Report in the Cheshire Observer giving an official list of names of the missing

"It has for some weeks been surmised that in the early days of the War the Cheshires sustained very heavy losses, but not until to-day was the full extent of the disaster which has befallen the regiment made known. We give below a full list of the non-commissioned officers and men who were to-day, at the Depot at the Castle, officially notified as being missing from the regiment since August 23 and August 24, the days of the fighting at Mons. Many of the missing have no doubt been taken prisoners, but it is feared that many were killed, and their bodies left on the field when the British Forces made their brilliant retreat on to Paris. In all the list of missing contains 601 names, the various grades being as follows:-
Warrant Officer 1
Co. Sergt. Majors 3
Co. Quartermaster-Sergt 1
Sergeants 2
Lance-Sergeants 8
Corporals 21
Drummers 12
Lance-Corporals and Men 533
Total 601

8001 Bandsman D. Dolan
10,047 Pte. J. Davies
8208 Pte. A .Flynn
9998 Pte. H. Gregory
8624 Pte. R. Holman
6913 Pte. H. Haworth
9184 Pte. A. Hughes
7259 LanceCorpl. W. Howard"

Cheshire Observer 3rd October 1914

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