William Oliver

Training Reserve

Personal Details

Born: 14 January 1896 in Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Family: He was the son of Mary Oliver. No marriage can be traced for William.

Residence: In 1911 he was boarding on Grange Farm, Hollyhurst, Whitchurch. In 1918 his address was 15 Ash Magna, Whitchurch, Shropshire; this remained his address until at least 1939.

Employment: In 1911 he was undertaking general work. In 1939 he was a general labourer in a railway equipment yard.

Died: In 1961 in Whitchurch, aged 65.

Military Details

Regiment: Training Reserve

Rank: Private

Service Number: 280237 (previously 3/72343)

Date of Enlistment: 31 August 1916

Date of Discharge: 3 November 1918

Reason for Discharge: No longer physically fit for war service.

Medals and Awards

None awarded as he did not see overseas service.



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