William Nelson

Personal Details

Born: 29 May 1898 in Atcham, Shropshire.

Family: He was the second of four children born to Edward Nelson, a coal wharf manager, and his wife Harriett Elizabeth. He married Lillian Haycocks in 1926 in Whitchurch, Shropshire. The couple had two children, Lillian born in 1927 and William born in 1933.

Residence: In 1901 he lived at 33 Queen Street, Shrewsbury; in 1911 they had moved to 8 Dorset Street, Castle Fields, Shrewsbury. The 1919 Absent Voters` List for Whitchurch gave an address of 1 Brownlow Street for him. In 1939 he and his family were living at 59 Wayland Road, Whitchurch where he continued to live until his death in 1982.

Employment: He was a coach painter.

Died: 15 May 1982 in Deermoss Hospital, Whitchurch, Shropshire (Whitchurch Herald 28 May 1982)


Military Details

Military details not known.


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