Whitchurch Herald 9th September 1916

Letter in the Whitchurch Herald 9th September 1916 received by Mr and Mrs Gough regarding the death of their son, William Gough.

"Dear Mr Goff,
It is with very great regret that I have to communicate to you a very bad piece of news, namely that we lost your son in the fighting here on the night of the 23rd of this month. He was crossing a very dangerous piece of ground carrying the gun, when he was stopped by a beam across the trench, and it was while crossing the obstacle that a shell burst between him and the man behind him bury them both. We called to them but to no purpose, they had disappeared. Next morning I saw what had happened, and discovered them both badly wounded and pinned down by the beam. We extracted the bodies and buried them decently close to the spot and marked it with a cross. He must have been killed instantly, for he had several mortal wounds. That is all I glad of, because he was one of my best and reliable men, and I am very, very sorry for his death. If I can be any further assistance in settling his affairs I shall be glad to give you every help. Please accept my sincere sympathy and that of the whole section in your loss I remain yours sincerely"

John A Frazer, S/Lieutenant

Whitchurch Herald 9th September 1916

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