Whitchurch Herald 29th May 1915

Report in the Whitchurch Herald 29th May 1915 on the death of Alfred Charles Grays Peirson

Letter received by Mrs Peirson;

"We were ordered to go into the trenches; Alfred of course would not be left behind and came up with me. At 4 am on the first morning we were bombarded for over 2 hours sometimes terrible, the trenches were literally blown to pieces and it was marvellous how anyone was left alive. I never saw Alfred after the first hours bombardment, I had to go to other end of the Squadron to see another troop, on my return I did not see him again and I am afraid there is little doubt that he was killed by a shell, the same as so many of my poor fellows were. Having known him for many years I feel it is like losing a very dear friend. For yourself, you know I sympathise with you in your great loss. Take courage and remember that he always did his duty all his life and to the very end and that it is God's will"

Major J E Joicey

Whitchurch Herald 29th May 1915

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