Whitchurch Herald 20th April 1918

Report in the Whitchurch Herald 20th April 1918 regarding the death of John German Harrison

"A Telegram was received by Mr & Mrs Harrison on Thursday informing them that Captain J G Harrison was dangerous ill, this was followed on Saturday by a further message announcing the fact that the gallant officer had passed away and stating his death was the result of gunshot wounds to the head, received in the recent fighting

Letter received by Mr & Mrs Harrison

Dear Major Harrison: I am deeply grieved at the loss of your son, and I write to sympathise with you, and tell you how high of an opinion I had of him.
He had been under my command for some 16 months of continuous work in the field and we have lost a very valuable and experienced officer in him. I only recently had the pleasure of writing a private note to him, congratulating him on his high standard of efficiency attained by the trench mortar battery which he commanded. He was a very fine fellow, and was admired and respected by all those who had anything to do with him. If there any details or particulars which you wish to be informed of, I hope you will let me know.

J.A Tyler, Brig-General
Commanding 32nd Division RA"

Whitchurch Herald 20th April 1918

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