Miss Etty Beech


Photograph and biographical information kindly supplied by Susan Moss

Ethel May Beech was born on 7th April 1899 and lived at 1, Waymills, Whitchurch. She worked one day a week from 1917 to 1919 at V.A.D. Hospital, Shropshire 26, Broughall, Whitchurch, Salop where she  cleaned floors and operating theatres that served soldiers who came home disabled and needing medical attention.

Her family remembers her mentioning that she worked alongside a Lady Mary who also cleaned despite her privileged background, something that impressed Ethel.

Lady Victoria Constance Mary Cambridge (known as Mary) and Lady Helena Frances Augusta Cambridge (known as Ilona) were nieces of Lord Gerald Grosvenor and both worked as V.A.Ds at Broughall Cottage.

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