Letter attached to Army record of John Boyle September 1917

"Dear Sir,
The above named soldier died in hospital in France 16th September last. His mother Mrs Margaret Boyle of 29 Yardington, Whitchurch has been given a separation allowance of 7/4d per week since his enlistment in August 1914, but has had to pay 4/- per week out of the allowance towards maintenance of the soldier's child, a boy, five years old. Mrs Boyle tells me that his wife left him to live with another man. The soldier enlisted as a single man, claiming an allotment to his mother. Nothing has been claimed and therefore nothing paid in respect of the child. Mrs Boyle is a very poor women and suffering great privation owing to her advanced age and consequently inability to work. If anything can be done to grant an allowance for the child, I shall be grateful if you could assist in the matter anyway.
Whitchurch W. E. M. Committee,
12 St Marys Street. Whitchurch, Shropshire"

Letter attached to the Army record of John Boyle September 1917

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