Kenneth William Thomas Williams

Personal Details

Born: 20 March 1899 in Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Family: He was the second of three children born to Richard William Williams, a baker and confectioner and his wife Elizabeth. He married Lucy Edith Attwood in 1925 in Whitchurch, Shropshire. No children can be definitively found for the marriage.

Residence: From 1901 until at least 1919 he was living at 46 Green End, Whitchurch. In 1929 and ten years later in 1939 his address was 398 Eccles New Road, Salford, Lancashire. At the time of his death in 1977 he was living at 32 Whitelodge Park, Shawbury, Shropshire.

Employment: He was a baker and confectioner.

Died: 8 April 1977 in North Shropshire, aged 72.

Military Details

Reason for Discharge: Demobilisation

Other Information: His brother, Cecil, also served in WW1.

Further military details not known.


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