Charles Lievesley

Personal Details

Born: 1 October 1883 in Malpas, Cheshire and baptised 17 October the same year at St. Oswald`s Parish Church, Malpas.

Family: He was the youngest of four children born to John Lievesley, a farmer, and his wife Martha, nee Green. He married Elizabeth Griffiths in 1906 in Whitchurch, Shropshire. The couple had one son,Thomas, born in 1907. It  appears that they had had another child by 1911 but sadly this child died.

Residence: At the time of his baptism and in 1891 the family were living at Ivy House Farm, Chidlow, near Malpas, Cheshire. Ten years later Charles was a carter at Kiln Green, Iscoyd, Flintshire. By 1911 Charles was married and his home was Brook Cottage, Bridgewater Street, Whitchurch, Shropshire. On the 1919 Absent Voters` List his address was given as 61 Green End, Whitchurch. He was still living in Green End in 1939, but at 57, remaining there until his death in 1958.

Employment: In 1891 his occupation was given as a carter and ten years later a carting contractor. In 1939 he was mixing cattle and poultry foods which was described as heavy work.

Died: In 1958 in Whitchurch, Shropshire, aged 74, and buried in Whitchurch Cemetery 4 June the same year.

Military Details

Military details not known




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