Alfred Hooper

Personal Details

Born: In 1899 in Camberwell, Surrey. Also known as Alfred Russell (his birth name).

Family: He was the younger of two children born to John and Martha Russell. John died and Martha married James Hooper, a publican. Martha and James had four children together. No marriage can be confirmed for Alfred.

Residence: In 1901 he was living in Heath Hill, Sheriffhales, Shifnal, Shropshire with his maternal grandparents, mother and sister. By 1911, his mother had remarried, and he was living at the Blue Bell Inn, Tushingham, Cheshire. Bennett’s Business Directory shows J Hooper at the Horse and Jockey, Claypit Street. The 1919 Absent Voters’ Register shows an address of the Horse and Jockey Inn, Whitchurch. The 1939 Register confirms this was at 2 Claypit Street, Whitchurch where his father was still the publican. Alfred was not at this address in 1939.

Employment: Not known

Died: Not known


Military Details

Military details not known.


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